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12 hours ago

NBC Washington

A photographer captured video of near-barren Chicago landmarks at night as the city undergoes a stay-at-home order.

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The economy in Chicago is languishing in a governmentally induced coma. There is some question whether it will survive the government's actions.

Yet there were 10 shot dead in the sauuu saaaa...during the weekend....πŸ™„

A bleak period who knows what the powers beyond plan next... mabye a civil uprising complete with biological weapons oh sorry Mr. Wells I stole your story

Why wasn't this photographer staying home like everyone else?

"Sir are you essential?" Yeah bro, can't you see the camera lol πŸ˜…

Show the hood


Keith Bond

Saka Tuvchin

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14 hours ago

NBC Washington

Voters lined up to cast ballots across Wisconsin, ignoring a stay-at-home order to participate in the state's presidential primary election.

"We're going to vote to make sure that situations like these won’t happen again," a voter said.

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Vote Blue, red put us in this mess!

Awesome, it's their Constitutional rights to vote, Don't vote by mail.

Ridiculous to put people at risk to promote politics as usual when there is nothing usual about this situation. Postponing the election would have been the least self serving things politicians could have done.

True Blue Americans!!! Risking their lives TO VOTE

I really hope this backfires on the people that pushed this forward, hoping to actually take advantage of a pandemic.

Supreme Court: We’re going to delay arguments from the first time since the Spanish flu because it’s not safe to be together. Also Supreme Court: There’s no reason people shouldn’t still have to show up in person to vote together.

Way to go Wisconsin. Exorcising your Constitutional rights. God Bless.

hey that last Democrat dropped in two ballets....

I hate that they had to go out to vote, but love the determination in comment quoted above.

Amen and thank you for voting!

Citizens didn’t ignore they had no choice especially to go vote.......

Sad that Republicans in WI are making people risk their lives in an attempt to prevent them from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Kudos to these people for showing up to have their voice heard!

That's not social distancing, also not sure how voting is gonna stop novel viral outbreaks from Chinese wet markets but whatever.


God bless these people.

God bless them! Vote blue

This does not have anything to do with who is in power. Wake up.

People unclear on the concept! 🀦🏼‍♀️

Stay strong! Vote. Don't let take that right away

They need to be arrested there are more than a group of 10

Should have been postponed !!!

Yeah put on gloves and masks and get out there.

Yes right then stay at home for god sake

Voting all red.

The belief that republicans had something to do with the current pandemic is so insane, and the fact these people are willing to put their health at risk speaks volumes on where the hatred really is.

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15 hours ago

NBC Washington

β€œEve’s an inspiration.” A 17-year-old in Bethesda is volunteering as a medic as more Marylanders are diagnosed with coronavirus. nbc4dc.com/TdiaAsO ... See MoreSee Less

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Is she an actual certified medic at 17? If so, this wonderful and very thankful to her.

That is awesome, our firehouse has a majority of the frequent members running the front lines under 25 years old. ALL VOLUNTEERS!!!

I. Very happy for her for stepping up to help. My experience is working in a Dentist office as a Administrator but got furlough at the moment.

17 year old “Medic”?

16 hours ago

NBC Washington

TODAY’s Jill Martin shares tips on how to organize your photos, the perfect stay-at-home project. Have you been reliving good times by looking at old photos? ... See MoreSee Less

20 hours ago

NBC Washington

The biggest and brightest moon of the year, the Super Pink Moon, will be out Tuesday night. Try and catch a glimpse behind the clouds. β˜οΈβ˜οΈπŸŒ•β˜οΈβ˜οΈ ... See MoreSee Less

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Too many clouds! I tried to see it a few times

To many clouds

Carmen L Monroe

James Tangires

Johanna Del Rio Cervetto

Maryam Nassiri

Angelina Damm


Dennis Monton

Tara Connolly Sewell

Kimberly Ann

Joshua Ilnicki

Aisha Rehman Asma Danish

Pierce Faragasso

Fran Gonzalez 😍

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20 hours ago

NBC Washington

Weather Alert: Thunderstorms this afternoon could be severe. nbc4dc.com/x6EfXorWEATHER ALERT:I've been watching that area of storms in Ohio for several hours now, and they still look on track to arrive in our area this afternoon. They're fast movers and could produce damaging winds of 55-60mph as they pass. Stay with @NBCWashington ... See MoreSee Less

Weather Alert: Thunderstorms this afternoon could be severe. nbc4dc.com/x6EfXor

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Best weather man on tv πŸ™‚

is it coming towards the olney area later on today what kind of damage is it bringing with it so ill be inside on the computer on my porch so inside the house do I need to move to a lower level of my home when it starts from ethan baughan

Not very often do I see the town of Cambridge the town I was born in on the map in d.c that’s cool

Amber please don’t let the power go out 😭😭


Kayla Clark

Ashley Marie

Betty Titlow

Ben Jones

Natalie Beers

Addie Darrah omg!

Brandon Walker Dylan Vest

Mary Margaret

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22 hours ago

NBC Washington

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Wash away the virus.

Such bull. They never get the weather right

I'm hoping this is a sign of improvement

will it be hailing the size of apples today?

So today is a weather alert day?

thanks for the weather alert douge im on it ill have some wings for you if you come to do the weather in my back yard one day this week so were on top of the weather alert thanks douge bye

Well there goes the lights

Praying for snowmageddon...nothing like a free day off

God bless

How do I mark myself safe from the “weather alert?”

Such a profound picture

Nothing here.

Pins and needles here! Guess I’ll don a helmet and rain poncho before hopping on my broom tonight.

Better this than all the lies msm is spreading.

Right before the thunderstorm hit Ft Belvoir yesterday early evening.

Unfortunately we won't get anything bad

Will be nothing substantial.

Yep there’s weather out there alright!

Bread, milk, and toilet paper in a picture warning.

Oh my God it’s going to rain.... β˜”οΈ

This is about as much fun as all those idiots pushing Socialism on us.

This is so informative, not.πŸ™„


Thank you for the weather alert picture 🀦🏻‍♂️

I feel safe now knowing that you have changed your profile picture.

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1 day ago

NBC Washington

Jim HandlyWired up and ready to go live. First day live from the house. #WorkFromHome On the job distancing. How are you holding at home? ... See MoreSee Less

Image attachmentImage attachment

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Thanks for the photo of what the setup looks like for all of you. What you see when sitting there working. Keep up the great work!

Miss you all!πŸ™β€οΈ

I just trashed talked back to the iPad after winning a game of solitaire! πŸ€ͺ It’s come to this!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Love y'all on 4

Be safe man.

Thanks Jim !!!

Hi Jim ‘

Look Fake News 4

I wanna got out..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

You did a great job!!

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1 day ago

NBC Washington

Vicky Nguyen shows how to make your own mask in about a minute and answers your coronavirus questions on TODAY. ... See MoreSee Less

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I had already made one of these masks for my husband as he is doing the trips to the grocery store.

Is there lung damage after beating covid19?

These masks don't stop spores.

Well Tom Holladay we could either follow the pronouncement and be careful or wait for the science to catch up and perhaps kill a million because they haven’t proven it to us yet. Which is the smartest thing to do?

Noreen Wesolek, this is a simple way to make a mask..

Yam Sa

Susan Parkinson Carter

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