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4 days ago

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Photos from Friday's Rockingham rivalry game between Turner Ashby High School Activities and Broadway High School Football.Highlights from Turner Ashby High School's 35-7 victory over Broadway High School: ... See MoreSee Less

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The class of 1969 was holding part of their 50th reunion by tailgating there last night

Tina Ritchie Campbell Chris A Campbell

2 weeks ago

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Go like Daily News-Record Photo for more great stuff.Highlights from tonight's game between Harrisonburg and Sherando High School: ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Del. Rob Bell and Democrat Elizabeth Alcorn are having their first debate at East Rockingham High School. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bell scary on civil liberties proposing as his solution involuntarily committing people if someone suspects they might use a gun they own. Good example of how the dogma of "personal responsibility" is inimical to the purported Republican position of "personal liberty." Evidently it is not "liberty for all."

Why no free tuition if we are willing to bargain with the federal level? What can we do about federal student loans? If Alcorn is proposing moving them to the state level where they are not as easy to cancel, that isn't the best path. Need to understand Bernie's unconditional student debt cancellation. We _can_ help people qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness by making it easier for people get past 29 hours of qualifying employment. It would bring net federal funds into the state like Medicaid expansion did.

Alcorn: if we are counting on a 7 year horizon, to the point of being willing to keep nuclear, we are down to 3 years on the clock we are running down for going without changes.

Again, good on Alcorn to talk about pressure on the national level, but cost would be a non-issue if we push for Medicare for all. Local candidates do best if they use their platform to educate constituents on the nature of the problems, and possible solutions so not only their campaign benefits. If they care about their constituents, the'll help them make the best choices at all levels.

Repeal the enabling legislation pushed by NOVA HOAs to enforce lawn ordinances on occupied property. This is bipartisan because all Republican reps in the Valley voted against this legislation, correctly arguing government overreach. Break up the segregating, anti-environmental power of the HOAs. Deregulate so all who want them can have Bernie's Victory Lawns.

We need to encourage people to vote for student debt cancellation at the federal level. Bernie has a plan, and can do much toward it through executive power such as his Dept of Education appointee.

Bell counting on being a pro-business state is even worse. Implicitly denies we are in a crisis that will necessarily lead to massive federal funding, built around a federally funded, locally administrated job guarantee, aka Green New deal, if we are to avert it.

Talk to us about the pay of adjuncts versus administrators and sports stadiums if you want to be honest with this question of where endowment money and tuition money could be going.

Dr. Alcorn has the grit and skills to tilt the scales towards environmental stewardship and criminal justice here in the Valley! Your vote - counts - in this election.

The rhetoric of bringing "green" jobs at the state levels is hollow. It is like bringing Amazon-- by a race to the bottom. The way you bring energy jobs is by bidding lower to get them from the states unless you bring them through federal projects. Land practices is another matter. That is an appropriate path for the state level.

Bell illustrates well why swapping fuels is a problem: it leaves the social order undisrupted to the extent of being palatable to a right wing Republican. That isn't a selling point. It is a red flag. The right path is moving away from an extractive economy. This first benefits people who are being squeezed, and at the state level we have room to remove barriers.

Alcorn removing laws restricting distributed energy is a good example of what can be done at the state level. Remove laws that impede better practices. Costs nothing to the state.

This question about Climate Strike and people being reluctant to admit their concern to their neighbors is to advocate the Green New Deal and be clear we mean Bernie's Green New Deal which aspires to the full federal level like AOC's resolution.

Del Bell is against prison and criminal justice reform in VA

Let's talk about Juvenile Justice and Virginia Juvenile Lifers who are serving UNCONSTITUTIONAL SENTENCES in VA!!!

Del Bell plays a large roll in school to prison pipeline. He has been against reforming Virginia for years.

Del Bell wants to charge 14 year old children as adults.

I know but still the public should be aware of the topic


18 years too long

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3 weeks ago

Daily News-Record

ICYMI: Community members came together on Friday afternoon to take part in the Global Climate Strike, which was an effort to bring attention to and advocate for action on climate change. ... See MoreSee Less

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Hope you all took your trash home with you rather than the recent group who rallied in another city who left their trash "ALL" over the place.

So much misguided activism in the world today. I used to co- own and manage Floridas largest enviromental analysis company in the 1990s...... I have helped write methods and rules for EPA, Florida DEP, etc.... Here is the harsh truth and reality.. If you truly believe in MANMADE climate change, then there is only one true way to improve it ...and that is we need to stop the relentless population growth of humans on the planet. Few people seem aware of the fact that we have DOUBLED the number of humans on the planet since just 1976. And we are on target to add 4 billion more people in the next 20 years alone. Now it is noble to do things like recycling, share Uber rides, urge companies to trap emissions, etc..etc.. But the harsh truth is all these gestures combined will NOT neutralize, compensate or negate the effects billions of more people have on water and food consumption needs, waste generation, resource depletion. The relentless overpopulation of the planet by humans is not only an environmental issue....it is also a root cause behind problems like ever increasing illegal immigration, the need for GMO food modifications in order to keep up with food supply demands, social unrest and violence, psychiatric depression growing more widespread among the masses, increase in diseases like Idioopathic pulmonary fibrosis, diabetes, etc... However, it seems for religious, emotional , monetary greed, or personal selfish reasons....nobody wants to discuss the logic and benefits of leveling off human population growth. Thus the number of humans keeps growing, we need more food, more water, more resource materials to build homes, smartphones, clothes, other consumer goods, more ...more....more....more.... Likewise we generate more waste in multiple forms due to billions more people. And all the misguided activists who might not be aware of the science, but only feel emotionally compelled to do something...talk about spending money, raising taxes, recycling , ride sharing, etc..etc.. Yes some of these things will help a little , but they are little more than a band aid on a gunshot wound. And the extra money will only be wasted by politicians instead of actually doing anything to truly address the issue. Bottom line... if we dont stop adding billions and billions of more people to the planet , then we are not going to be able to eliminate the various affects those billions of people have on resource depletion, waste generation , water and food demands, and potential climate impacts. Anything less than this will only be politics, lip service, and wasted time and breath. Talking about a problem without being willling to do what must be done to truly address the problem.

The statement made that climate change movement is a religion is true. And it is a false religion too! “Do not go after other gods to serve them and worship them, and do not provoke Me to anger with the works of your hands” ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭25:6‬ ‭ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. “For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭10:13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ www.bible.com/114/rom.10.13.nkjv

4 weeks ago

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The General Election is less than 50 days away and with the countdown running, our very own Valley Polity Podcast will begin to feature candidates who will be on the November ballot. The first round of candidates to be featured will be Chris Runion, Jennifer Kitchen and Janice Allen who are running for the House of Delegates 25th District. If you would like to submit questions, please comment down below or message us. ... See MoreSee Less

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Go Chris.

What do think about immigration and city's that don't obey the laws of America!!